Earclin is indicated for the routine cleaning and maintaining of ear hygiene and avoiding ear
However, it is also indicated for the build-up of excess wax due to:
-  Hearing Aids
-  In-Ear head phones
Furthermore, the EarClin device is indicated for swimmers ear and other ear problem due to the
water causing swimmers ear and Salt-crystal formation in ears Swimmers, Surfers and Divers.
This will replace the cotton buds for everyday use. As per doctor’s recommendation; Cotton
buds should never be used as it causes impaction of wax and can also cause ear damage
EarClin effectively washes away excess earwax by applying the doctor’s method at home.


Some lukewarm water and the gentle soap contained in your earClin earshower – that’s all it takes to flush out excess ear wax. Removing excess ear wax means getting rid of a breeding ground for bacteria, thus preventing ear infections. Excess ear wax may also negatively affect your hearing. Keep your ear canal clean and healthy – use the earClin earshower. The earClin earshower is available in a range of colours and comes in two sizes, a smaller one for children, a larger one for adults.