IRON Fend is our Iron Supplement that is indicated for Anemia and contains 24mg Chelated Elemental Iron. It also contains 100mg vitamin C for absorption assistance.


Iron Contributes to many different functions:
- normal energy yielding metabolism
- normal oxygen transport
- normal formation of red blood cells
- normal cognitive function
- reduction of tiredness and fatigue
- normal function of the immune system

Symptoms of Iron Deficiency:
- Brittle nails
- Swelling or soreness of the tongue
- Cracks in the side of the mouth
- Enlarged Spleen
- Frequent Infections

Who is at Risk?
- Pregnant Women
- Infants and Children
- Women with heavy menstrual bleeding
- Frequent blood donors
- People with cancer
- People with GI disorders or have had GI surgery
- People with heart failure